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April 26, 2011

60th Birthday Boxes

Thank you for letting me be this weeks guest designer. My name is Flo and I am from New Zealand.
My brother in law was turning 60 and the delema of what to give someone who is 60 but still thinks hes only 30! who had said NO PRESENTS!
I did an online class where we made a star box and after finishing the star thought the same principles could be put to great use with any shape. I was right and I came up with this box in the shape of a 6 and an 0. These are proper boxes that I filled with mini chocolate bars for him. I often find it hard to think of presents for men but this went down a treat and was so easy to make with the help of the cricut.

This is the 60 boxes together.

This is where I have taken off the lids so you can see inside. There was chocies inside by the time they got to the recipient.

The front of the zero showing the plastic in the hole in the centre and the tools on the top. I also inked the edges.

Below is the sides of the box decorated with ribbon and happy Birthday peel offs

How I did the '60' boxes
What I did was cut out my 2 numbers the 6 and the 0 (zero) on my cricut expression using the Cricut Mickey Font cartridge using shadow at 5.5 inches.
Using Cricut design studio (my Gypsy had just got sick :-( , (but it is well and working again now) I cut a 6 and a 0 (zero) in DSP (that comes from a stack I have in my very large stash) and another 6 and 0 in DSP that had the centre holes hidden on hide contour (this was for the bottom). I did the same cuts again in plain cardstock.
I then cut the sides for the boxes (in DSP) deciding that I would have a slightly shorter lid than bottom to the box so cut the lid sides at 1.5 inches and the sides for the bottom at 2 inches. The length (ahh this was a challenge).

This is the long side of the paper used for the side with the top scored, and this is the 6 (looking at it backwards)

I started by scoring along the long side of my paper for the sides, at 1/2in.

I then marked the length of the top of the 6 (I have marked it in pen in the drawing above), I scored vertically the side of the top of the box so I would know where it needed to be folded and maked the point where the acute angle of the 6 was (that's the sharp angle). From there I cut 1/2 in cuts the length of the side strip into the strip to where the score mark was. I then glued the edge to the top of the plain cardstock. When the paper ran out I just added another strip till I had the outside completed.

When I had the side glued to the top of the box I then added the plastic onto the hole in the top of the box and added the DSP 6 to the top on the outside then on the inside it has a nice tidy finish and on the outside it looks good too. I then did the same for the zero.
I cut tools out of the Cricut Lite Handiman cartridge on the imagine using colours from the Snapshot texture cartridge. I cut them 1.7 - 2in in size and layered them. The ladder side is so thin I wondered how it had cut so well but it did. The saw has a little jagered edge just like a real saw has.

I finished it off by added a two tone brown ribbon round the base of the top of the box, again I had this ribbon in my stash.

Recipie for one number
Cut two of the number from plain cardstock and 2 from DSP (designer series paper)
For the top side measure how long you want the side depth and add 1/2 in or 1cm to this measurement. Cut strips of DSP enough to go around the number you are doing. You can join these side pieces especially if they are in patterned paper as the joins don't show as much or you can camoflage the joins with cutouts ie like the tools.
For the side of the bottom do the same. I made the bottom side of the box bigger than the top so the top sat up a bit.
When I put the sides on the top I did this so the cut pieces were over the top of the plain cardstock and then I glued the DSP number over the top to cover the side cuts that glued to the top.
With the bottom of the box I glued the sides to the number so that the cut pieces were on the top of the plain cardstock and then placed the DSP inside the bottom so it again covered the cuts that were glued.
I did make the top and the bottom exactly the same size as it easily squishes together.
I would suggest that if you would like to do something like this practice on scrap paper to see how it works.
I loved the final result and so did my brother-in-law, he didn't like being remined he was 60 so I suggested he turn the numbers round and become 06 then someone suggested he was lucky it wasn't the other way round showing a 9.

Thanks for looking and thanks again to Pam and the crew for allowing me to show you what I have done.
glitter -


Lisa said...

WOW, what an awesome idea, love them. Great job.

Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

What a great box idea. TFS said...

Love it! Great idea:)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

These boxes are wonderful, what a great idea. TFS

Mrs. Green said...

Wow! These are really cool! Thanks for the post!