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May 27, 2010

Coupon organizer

Hello everyone! This is TraciVee here from . If you are a follower of mine, you might already know that I'm a penny pinching, coupon clipping, money saver. I thought it would be prudent to include my passion for saving money into my project. And so the idea of creating a cute coupon organizer was born....

Here is the 'recipe' :
2 pieces of Tim Holtz grungeboard
1 1/4 in Zutter o-wire
brown acrylic and metallic acrylic paint
10 5/8 in long piece of white elastic
Brenda Walton Brookfield Scrap Pad to go
two large eyelets
9 Prima-type flowers (mine were Paper Studio)
3 brads
chalk ink

I first used my Gypsy to cut the rectangles used for the pages. I think I just used a rectangle shape from Plantin Schoolbook but resized it to 10 3/4 in by 8 in. Cut out as many of these as you wish. I like to have a lot of categories to sort my coupons into, so I cut out 10 of these, which will give me 20 pockets!

Here are all the pages after I cut them out. I really like this's full of homey earth tones-my favorite!

Next, you score each page halfway down the long way.....

...and about 3 5/8 in into the short way.

Then you fold each along the score lines as shown. You're gonna fold the short side up and then fold along the long side so that when you are finished your pockets are on the outside.

Here are all my folders all ready to go....

Next, I punched them all with my Bind it All...what a job that was!

Next, prepare your naked Grungeboard. I cut two pieces at 7 3/4 in by 4 1/8 in. Then I rounded the corners for a more finished look. Next, line up the Grungeboard with one of your coupon folders and punch holes.

Next, I painted my Grungeboard with dark brown acrylic paint.

After that dried, I lightly brushed some copper metallic acrylic paint on top, but wiped it off right away with a paper towel. Some of the copper stays on, but the dark brown still comes through. This technique kind of gives it a rustic kind of look. Very cute!
*Sorry but this photo is not terribly true to life in its color...but you get the idea....*

Next, I used my Gypsy to create the labels for my coupon folders. Cut as many shapes as you need. I cut 20 in cream colored card stock and then cut out another 20 out of coordinating paper in shadow feature.

After cutting them all out, I inked them using chalk ink and an ink blending tool.

Here are the shadows....

Now, I wanted a more finished look so I used my computer to print out my labels. You can just write them in if you don't feel all this is worth it. :)
What I did was print out my labels....

Then I used repositionable adhesive to stick them to the piece of paper that I printed them out on...I used Okie's method of doing this. She has a great video tutorial on how to do this-

After I got them printed out, I adhered them onto the folders and put the whole thing together. Hello Mr. Bind It All!!!

Okay, so after all that I knew I'd need some type of closure so that my coupons don't fly out all over the place. What I did was punch a couple of holes and used an eyelet to hold my elastic in place. Be really careful when placing the elastic when you set your eyelet so that it won't come undone.

I looked high and low for colored elastic, with no luck! ... so I broke down and bought white thinking I could just color it with a marker...and that is just what I ended up having to do!
At this point, I just prettied-up the cover. I punch three holes and added my flowers with a couple of brads. Nice 'n' easy.....

I set my coupon organizer up for the way I shop...I always go around my Super WalMart the same way....Health and Beauty first...then my cleaners...then condiments...and so on and so on...I'm kinda ritualistic when I go grocery shopping, LOL.
I used that idea to order my coupon labels. Toiletries, Cleaners, Condiments, Canned Goods, Pasta/Rice/Boxed Dinners, Baking, Snacks, Beverages, Breakfast &Cereal, Paper & Plastics, Dairy, Frozen Items, Bread/Bakery Items, and Produce.

And-what would you know!- right after I finished binding my coupon organizer they went and remodeled my Super WalMart and now my book is all out of order!!! Doesn't that figure??? lol Oh well....

Oh...and last but not FAVORITE coupon category...

Crafty Coupons---NEVER leave home with out them! :)
I hope you all enjoyed my project. Thanks so much for looking. If you have questions or anything, feel free to stop by my blog and I'll be sure to answer you! Have a great day!

May 25, 2010

Victorian Note Card Purse

Hi My name is Randi aka Coralz from the cricut mb. My day to be guest designer is here, I am so excited to share with you my project. I have had my Gypsy and my Cricut since the day they were each first released and I love everything about them. I love teaching and sharing my projects I have made with my Gypsy, I hope you enjoy this one. Pop over to my blog to see more.

My assignment for this was to use page 30 from the Forever Young Cartridge. If you have re numbered your books that would be button number 7. Using my 12x12 mat, I chose 5.60 as my cursor size and then I rotated it to fit. I then used the girl from button 7 at 4 inches and welded her to the flap.
On mat number 2 I layed out all my pieces. I cut in brown the girl topper, the monogram C (from elegant cakes cart) and the shilouette image for my note card fronts. I also layed out some flowers. I wanted to create a distressed flower similar to the ones made with the Tim Holtz tattered flower die. You need 2 lg 1 med and 1 small to get this look. I just use random flowers from this cartridge. Mine measurements are 2 at 3.10, 1 at 2 and 1 at 1inch. I used a 10mm pearl for the flower center.

Here to create the note cards I used the oval also from page 30 button #7. I placed 2 on my mat at 3 1/2 inches. These fit into the gift bag nicely. I made sure they were side by side and that their Y axis were the same. Then I highlighted 1 and hit flip. After this I grouped them together and nudged them until they slightly overlapped. Once I previewed and saw the weld I highlighted the whole image and hit copy/paste (by the way I love that button) and duplicated it 3 more times rotating 2 of them until they all fit on the mat

I used 2 sheets of Cosmo Cricket "Something Special" 2 sided cardstock, 1 sheet of Bazzill Carob Brown and some plain white paper for the flowers, smooch spritz and lots of pearls to finish up this project. I hope you like it and I can not wait to see your version.

May 17, 2010

Layout using Gypsy Font & Mother's Day Cartridge


I have been crafting, sewing, quilting, etc. most of my life but I am fairly new to the Cricut, Gypsy, scrapbooking & please be gentle :) I'm still in the "early learning" stage!

I don't have the cartridge you all are working from so I hope you won't mind my project. I did a simple layout using Gypsy Font & the Mother's Day cartridge. I do not have any video equipment - sorry.

The background paper is from DCWV "Be Mine" stack.

Stickers are from EK Success "Heaven Sent".

Plain cardstock from "the Paper company".

Martha Stewart edge punch "Doily Lace".

1/8" white ribbon "Spool o Ribbon".

Glitter glue.

I used my Gypsy & the Mother's Day cartridge & I cut the lace doily from tan cardstock at 8.12" wide x 7.62" high. I used a brown ink pad & a foam brush to ink the edges of the doily. This was glued to the DCWV base/Be Mine page.

I placed the "Heaven Sent" stickers above the doily on the base.

I trimmed my photo down. I then cut strips of white card stock a little longer than my photo edges & punched them with the MS doily lace punch. I used my quilting ruler to help mark & score the 45 degree angles on these strips to miter the corners & glued them together forming a frame for my photo. The edges were rounded with a corner rounder. The photo was glued to the back of the white frame & then glued to the doily.

I used Gypsy Font for the fancy lettering for "Grandma". This was cut at 8.22" wide x 1" high out of green cardstock. I cut shadows at 9.34" wide x 1.11" high out of black cardstock & glued the green & black pieces together. I layed them out where I wanted them on my page & used repositionable tape to hold them in place so I could put the ribbon underneath. I slightly twisted the ribbon & slid it under each letter & then glued the letters down. I tied a bow & used a glue dot to hold it on to the top of the first letter & the last letter.

I cut 4 of the 3D flowers/leaves & put one on each corner of the frame. I used a little brad thru the center of the flower to hold it together & glue dotted them down. The leaf portions were cut at 1.39 wide x 1.34 high. The flower was cut at .87 wide x 1.34 high. ***for some reason some items have an outline box around them that is bigger than your object & is included in the dimensions but the flower is proportionate - it's not really 1.34" high***

I used some scraps of paper to make the 2 little tags out of green CS shadowed with black. I used a hole punch for the hole so I could attatch the ribbons & glued these to the sides of the page. I used gold glitter glue to add a little sparkle around the doily.

The photo is of me holding my very 1st brand new grandbaby, Cade, for the first time...what a blessing!!! Even if my project is simple you might get some enjoyment from the photo.

Thanks for letting me play with the "big kids"!!!


Cricut MB - SherryBarnes1

May 13, 2010

I have been invited to be a guest designer on the wonderful Blog TUESDAY TREATS.  This month the talented group of ladies is working on the cartridge Forever Young.  I had made a wonderful purse and bought lots of bling to apply to the purse and then Lady G decided that for the 2nd time this week she would misbehave.  Only this time she was not to return to her wonderful self.  Hoping PC can help fix her soon.  Luckily though I am currently doing the demos for the new Cricut Cake and part of our demo package was a Gypsy (which we have to return) the only issue is it only has the pre-loaded Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy Font and then the 4 Cake cartridges we loaded. 

So my problem then became, cheat on the Gypsy design and make the Forever Young purse on DS or use my demo G and try to come up with some kind of purse.  I went with using the demo G and trying to make something.  Another bump to my road was that I have 3 year old grandson that can hear a Cricut start up a mile away so there is NO crafting without his involvement.

So without further ado, I give you our (yes you get two designers this week, myself and the wonderfully talented Trenton) purse using the Gypsy and the Holiday Cake Cartridge.

This is by no means your regular purse.  However Trenton wanted to make a Car Purse for his mom.  So we made this cute little handbag that can be left sitting right inside the door that his mommy can easily drop her car keys and sunglasses in and she will always be able to find them easily.

The first step of this design was to make two of the cars on blackout in our green cardstock.  We made the car 8.20w x 7.88 h

Then we used GW to make the bottom of our purse  we just choose a shadow blackout of a rectangle making it 15.11w x 3.88h and on this page we also added another green blackout of the car for the back of our car and the layer of the car for the front (again cut at 8.2x7.88)

after this we need a black layer for the fender and the tires.  So we cut 2 of the regular cut again at 8.20x7.88, I needed one of these to have the cut outs so we could know exactly where to place our silver cardstock for the headlights and grill.  Working with a 3 year old and trying to get it done quickly I just made them both the same, although the back one could have been cut on shift so it did not have the details.

Then came assembly (boy was this a joy) I started by scoring 1/4 inch in on each long side of the rectangle we had cut
Then just eyeballing what we thought would be close we scored the short sides knowing that I wanted the base to be about 7 1/4 long to fit the bottom of the car.

Next we folded all score lines and then again using just the eyeball, sniped out the inside corners for folding.  And using the ATG gun taped all the outside folds and sit aside

At this point we began assembly of our car, we started by cutting the windshield trim off the black cars, it is just easier not to have one more thing to try to line up and not have showing.  Then we had to layer green shadow, black cut and and green shadow for the back, at this point we trimmed off the washer wipers since this would be the back of the car.  Laying this down we then added the prepped rectangle along the bottom of the car body

the front was done next by leaving the wipers on this time and adding metallic silver cardstock cuts (done by eyeball, hand and scissors) to the grill and headlights.

Then we layered the green layer with the grill cut out on top of our black and silver layer.  Then we had to find something to help us stand our car so that we could adhere the front to the rest of the purse.  A bottle of glossy accents was just what we needed.

Once our "purse" was complete, we needed to add something, since I was unable to add all the bling I had bought for my FY purse.  We used the key from GW on shadow at 1.23x2.68  we placed 4 of them on the matt and then used the flip feature to put 4 more on the mat, which we cut from gold metallic cardstock.

We had made enough cuts for 4 keys (when all parts were glued with one regular and one flip cut) but a little guy wanted to play with some of the keys, so we ended up with only 2 keys for our key chain.  Being this was for his mom and he "helped" make it he wanted a blue keychain, so we used a small piece of blue rope to make the key chain and used our white pen to write Mom's taxi on the front plate.  By the time I was able to get this done with the help of a 3 year old, it was so late and eyes were drooping so I am sorry that I could not do a better final shot of the "purse"

I am very sorry that this is such a simple project, had Lady G not had her problems I could have done better, but I am one that works better closer to a deadline, so although I had laid out my FY purse, I waited until the night before to cut, I might have had a better chance to do this blog justice had I started earlier, but that is what happens when you live your life waiting until the last minute, you have to do what you can.

I may speak with Pam and ask her if it would be ok to try to do my purse with DS and post an extra post later this weekend and you all can then convert that cut file to a gypsy file.  I will be back in a bit with the cut file for this.  I have to recharge the demo Gypsy to be able to transfer the file.

Good Morning Fine Folks

This is NurseViper here and I am so happy to be included here.  However, it will be just a tad bit longer before I can post something here.  I am working quickly to get everything together but I am working on a handicap.........about 6pm last night, when I finally had my Grandson occupied and I was ready to cut and assemble my "blingy purse" out my lady decided to take a final breath I think.  If you might remember last week I had some problems with her and then she came back to acting normal.  Last night no such luck.  But......being part of the Cake Demo team I had that back up Gypsy....YAAA, however it had limited carts loaded, only GF and GW along with all 4 cake cartridges.  So rather than cheat and redo my bling purse on DS, I pulled out the extra Gypsy and made a "Purse" using a cake cartridge.  I was up all night with the help of a 3 year old making a little something different for you all.  I will be posting soon.  Look for a purse made of a cake decoration by noon.

May 11, 2010

Details, Details. Details!

Hi Everyone! This is Elizabeth from 217 Creations.  Today is my debut here at Tuesday Treats and I am super excited to share this cool altered frame with an adorable twist! We all know that in papercrafting the details can make all the difference between blah and a knockout!  In today's project, I am going to show you some cool detail tricks along with assembly of this frame. 
I bought several of these frames at Target for $1.98.  My husband asked, "Why are you buying so many and why would you want them if they are all dinged up?"  The answer is simple . . . I love to alter items and I always want more than one!
So I bought all 8! I started my taking out the glass and inside fillers.  I painted the frame with a grey acrylic paint.  I let that dry and then sprayed a nice even layer of Permanent Crafter's Companion to the frame.  I then sprinkled Sterling Microfine Glitter from Martha Stewart over the spray.
 Next I used rubber cement to adhere a background the frame.  I cut a piece of black paper sized to cover the chipboard.  Then I cut a peice of purple cardstock and dry embossed it with one of my Asian Cuttlebug folders.  Then I used Ultra Thick Embossing Powder (UTEE) to make the background shiny and smooth. I then trimmed the purple cardstock with sheer green ribbon and placed large rhinestones in the corners.

All the cuts for this frame have been done with Button Number 3 on the Forever Young cartridge. This file is 4 pages. Page one is the purse.  It is designed at 1.34 inches. I made a copy and flipped the image. This will allow the purse to have a front and back. The purses are cut from lime green glittered cardstock. 
Once I had my cut I ran the bottom side through my Xyron.  I then placed the backsides back to back, so now I have one piece.

I followed the scoremarks on the purse and used hot glue to adhere the edges together. I then took a lime green Bic Mark It permanent marker to cover the white core of the glittered cardstock.  The finished purse is about 1 inch wide and 2 inches tall.
Page 2 is the doll her dress.  The real size is off so the dress and doll will be in proportion. They are sized at 7 inches.  I cut the dress out of purple cardstock and the doll from black cardstock.
Once I had my dress cut, I embossed it with Swiss Dots Cuttlebug Folder.  Then I used 2 layers of Ultra Thick Embossing Powder (UTEE) over the embossing to make the dress look shiny and smooth.I then took some sheer green ribbon and tied a bow for the dolls hair and hot glued it to the cut.  I also used the same ribbon to decorate the dress. In order to slip the purse on the doll's arm, I then cut the hand from the doll
 I slipped the purse straps through the arm of the doll.  I then hot glued the arm back down.  I tied a small bow on the top of the purse to match her hair bow.

Finally I added some flat backed mini pearls around her neck to create a pearl necklace. I also added a small purple flower to the bag.  I then placed one of the small pearls to the center of the flower.

I cut the word details and shadow at .75 inches.  The shadow was cut from chipboard and the foreground was cut from the same lime green glitter paper as the purse.

In order to cut the glittered cardstock smoothly, I flipped the wording on my gypsy. 
Then I placed my paper upside down on my mat.
 I painted the chipboard with black acrylic paint and adhered the glittered cardstock to the dried chipboard.
For the flowers and the the strings of pearls, I turned on the the Real Size for the accessories for the cut. I sized them to 1.75 inches out of the gsame lime green glittered cardstock.
I used the mini pearls to the small scallops to make it look like a string of pearls.  I added small purple flowers to the green flowers and also added small pearls the centers.
All my cuts have been hot glued to the frame.  I have left room for a small picture. I realy had fun making this frame. It took a lot of work for the details, but it was totally worth it!
The dimension from the purse is just perfect!
Here is a close up of the bag.  I want one for myself!
All the layers really work together to create a complete look. By using the same embellishments and paper through the entire project, everything becomes coordinated. Thank you so much for leaving comments.  I love followers too!
The file is available for download at my blog 217 Creations
As always thank you for the comments and also for following!