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June 29, 2010

Heritage Silhouette Jewelry

Hi everyone. My name is Yolonda and I am glad to be this weeks guest designer on Tuesday Treats. My name on the message board is Crafty Scentiments. I wanted to make a video of my project, however, after I came back from my vacation I had a bad cold and I literally have had no voice. What little voice I do have sounds terrible, so I thought I would spare you.

This is the first project that I made using this cartridge and it turned out really nice. So nice in fact that I have taken this idea even further and designed some other pieces of jewelry using other cartridges. I will be posting them on my personal blog ( later this week. For today's project I designed a very simple pair of earrings.

Here is a list of my supplies.
Heritage Cartridge pg. 68 (silhouette 5)
Black Card stock (Recollections)
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Martha Stewart hole punch
Ranger Perfect Pearls Pigment Kit (Jewels)
  • Forever Red
  • Forever Green
  • Forever Blue
  • Forever Violet
Ranger Mini Mister
Needle Nose Pliers
Jump rings
Silver Plated Ear Wires

Although the Gypsy is not really needed for this project, it makes designing projects so much easier. You can really see just how big an image will be. I started by cutting the silhouette at 1.5 inches. I cut 2 layers for each earring. One set I cut in the original orientation, and the other set I reversed the image to cut them out. I used black cardstock for this project so the colors of the Perfect Pearls would really stand out.

Using Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive, I glued the layers of the silhouette together. I used the Martha Stewart punch to punch a hole at the top of the piece.

Before adding the jump rings and ear wires, I colored the pieces. The Perfect Medium that comes in the kit is like an embossing ink. I stamped the entire piece to cover with it with the thick substance.

The powders come in a variety of colors. The powders are very fine and a little goes a long way. I dusted the entire piece randomly with the Perfect Pearls Powders making sure to clean the brush between colors.

To set the powder, you need to lightly mist it. I used the Mini Mister by Ranger to spray a fine mist in the air. Then you sweep the piece across the mist of water. You really need very little water and by sweeping across the mist that is in the air, you won't use too much water. I then attached the silhouette to the ear wire by using a jump ring.

And here is the finished piece. They are very lightweight and really fun to wear.

That's my project. Thanks for taking the time to view it and I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you think.

June 22, 2010

Heritage Brooch

Hi!  It’s Wini from LooneyBugDesigns.  I am poohbearbaby on the Cricut Message Boards.  I am honored to be your designer for today.  I would love to share my Heritage inspired project with you today.

I have always associated Brooches with Grandmothers.  I don’t know why but just the word Brooch makes me think of my Grandma.  I don’t remember any of my grandmothers wearing a brooch so I am not sure where the association comes from – just my weird way of looking at things.

I decided that I wanted to make a brooch for you but I didn’t want it to be made of paper and therefore look off – so I decided to try my hand at cutting fabric with my Cricut.  I had this picture in my head of this flowered brooch that was somewhat old world looking.  Where did the image come from?  Your guess is as good as mine but it was there.   I had never tried anything quite like this but thought I would give it a try.  Here is the brooch I came up with:

TT Finished Brooch

I started my project by picking out my fabric and trim.  I didn’t know what exactly I was looking for – but I wanted it to look a little vintage (which is typically not my style).  Here are the fabrics that I choose – I LOVE the way they look together.

TT Fabric

I chose two fabrics for my flowers because I wanted them double sided.  So I fused the butterfly and the blue fabrics together to make a single two sided fabric.  I also fused the green dotted fabric to itself to make that two sided (with the same fabric on both sides).  You can’t really tell from the photos but the blue fabric has silver thread in it so it really sparkles in the light.  I thought about tea dying the fabrics and the lace but that was just too vintage for my style – so I left them as they were.

TT Gypsy

Next I set up my file on the gypsy.  I used the blackout feature on the Home Decor Cricut Cartridge to get the flower I wanted.  I turned the real dial size feature on (see the a button is highlighted in yellow) so that I could get the exact size flowers that I wanted.  I then sized the width of my flowers starting with 2.5” and going down in 0.25” increments to 1.25” – 6 flowers in all.  I put my fabric on my stickiest Cricut Mat and away I cut….

Now here are some things to keep in mind when cutting fabric:

  1. Use a new blade
  2. Don’t use thick fabric
  3. Don’t put your images too close together
  4. Don’t cut too fast

Do you know how I know all this?  Yup – I didn’t do any of those things and big surprise, my fabric didn’t cut very well.  I will have to try it again when I get some new blades.  So in the meantime… I cut my file again using some scrap cardstock – traced it onto my remaining fabric and cut them out by hand – UGG – Remind me to ALWAYS HAVE SPARE BLADES ON HAND! I hate to cut by hand – the Cricut has really spoiled me!!  Anyway here are my cut out flowers.

TT Starting Pieces

Starting with the smallest flower – fold your flower almost in half and hot glue the center together (yes I discovered that hot glue works best for this project – who knew?).  Fold the next flower the other direction and glue it to the first section.  Continue until you have just the largest flower left.  I folded this the same way as the previous flower so that the back of my flower would look uniform. I know that I didn’t describe this process very well – If anyone is interested in seeing a video of how I did this just let me know in the comments and I will make one up and get it posted.  Here is my finished flower.

TT Flower Close Up

I then took two strips of the green fabric and folded them over to form leaves.

TT Leaf

I glued the two leaves onto the back of my flower.  I played around with them giving some extra tucks until I had them looking just how I wanted them.  Here is what my flower looked like when I was finished.

TT Messy Back TT Flower w leaves

I wanted to add this really soft ivory lace that found – so I glued that to back of the flower.

TT Adding Lace

I think it really added a lot of charm.  It was just what I was imagining!  I love it when that happens!!!

To finish up my brooch I glued the flower to a chipboard circle and attached a 1” pin backing.


I love this close-up of the brooch – I can’t believe that it turned out so close to the picture I had in my head when I started!

TT Finished Close Up

June 16, 2010

Those Wonderful Special Features!!!

Hi there gang! FitterTwit here from with a little project journey to share that included one of the newer carts.... Sentimentals!

I got the Sentimentals Cricut cartridge a short while ago and LOVE how versatile this cart is!!! Is it just me, or is Cricut making EVERY cartridge a must have? UGH! Sentimentals is proving to be no different!
So I spent about an hour coloring this GORGEOUS Lisa Victoria Dragon image, cut it out with my Cuttlebug and a Spellbinder's Nestibilities die and sat it aside while I figured out what to do with this little gem. A couple of days later Sentimentals arrived in the mail and as I was browsing the idea book, the flower card and matching envelope JUMPED off the page at me. "How PERFECT to go with that cute little dragon I finished just the other day!" Typically, a card that doesn't have patterned paper and ribbon is usually quite boring to me, but this card just seems to work in it's simplicity! The AWESOME dragon and the flower die cut are plenty to give this card a little 'WOW' factor. And let me just add that by using my Gypsy to put this together, it was a ONE CUT job that took 15 minutes to complete. Here's how I did it.... in fact, this is how I do ALL my cards. NO WONDER I didn't do these cards before having my Gypsy... this is SOOOO much easier.
And here I am adding my images to my virtual mat on my Gypsy. What you don't see here is that I originally designed on a 12 x 24" mat because my "layers" button on my isn't working (???). The best part, I added my images to my virtual cutting mat while they were still grouped and then ungrouped them to move each image to where I wanted them on my ACTUAL 12 x 12" cutting mat (I touched the silver menu button and selected "change mat size"). Now, the reason these steps are significant is because by adding the card WITH the envelope (grouped together) to your mat BEFORE sizing means that when you do increase the sizes, they will both change proportionately to one another. No muss and no fuss with trying to figure out exactly what size the card needs to be and then figuring out what size the envelope needs to be. EVERY card (this method works great for Wild Cards as well) and every envelope cut perfectly to fit together and you never have to worry about "doing the math". I LOVE it.

So here I am laying out my pieces.... PERFECT FIT! Time to connect my Gyspy to the machine and cut. No wasted paper or "trial runs"....those of you who made cards before the existence of Design Studio or the Gyspy know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! LOL!
And finally, here is the matching envelope with the card inside... SWEET!!! And now with the hide feature from the last update, I can go in and hide those hash marks that usually show you where to score, but have a tendency (like in the case of this AMAZING card I made a few weeks ago) to "stick out" once you've scored your line. Pam.... I know has and WILL be talking about THAT new and exciting feature! ;)

June 15, 2010

Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle, aka GARDENGYPSY, on the Cricut message board. I am excited to share my first ever guest designer project here on Tuesday Treats.

Originally, I was asked to design a purse project from the Forever Young Cricut cartridge (page 36, button 13). About 2 weeks into the start of my project, decisions were made to change the cartridge of the month for June to Heritage from Forever Young. After contemplation, I made the decision to continue my project as originally planned and in the end feel that I found a creative way to include cuts from both Heritage and the Forever Young Cricut cartridges.

About my art canvas showcases a few of my favorite hobbies: gardening, paper crafts, and the enoyment of a good cup of coffee. My finished canvas is 18X24 and is 2 dimensional. The Paris storefront scene is mounted on an 18X24 primed artist canvas and was framed using 2 sets of prepackaged frame moldings.

For this project, I utilized several different Cricut cartridges in addition to the assigned Forever Young and Heritage Cricut cartridges. I would also like to note that as I began to compose a step by step tutorial, I quickly realized that would be nearly impossible without writing a lengthy book. Instead, I decided to provide a detailed list of products, cuts, and explanations of how I utilized available features on the Gypsy. The tutorial is still lengthy; however, I placed the pictures of the finished canvas to post before the tutorial.

I hope you enjoy my finished canvas art and feel free to leave mw a comment. Lastly, I would like to thank the Tuesday Treat blog hosts for providing me the opportunity to share a piece of my original artwork on their blog.
PS. I am in the process of completing the design of my upcoming website My website will be comprised of 2 blogs, Garden Scraps and The Potting Shed. Garden Scraps will showcase various art mediums including paper crafts while The Potting Shed will be a resource for gardeners. I do hope to be live in the next few weeks and will post additional information regarding today's featured art canvas there.

Thank you,


Project Details:

Building- My Community Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to flip image so that the writing appeared backwards.
Storefront lettering- Ashlyn's Alphabet Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to weld letters together.
Coffee cup with steam- Beyond Birthday's Cricut cartridge
Flowers in window boxes and on bistro table top- Walk In My Garden Cricut cartridge
Flower pots on bistro table tops- Walk In My Garden Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter the height and width ratio.
Bistro table and chairs- Cottage Kutz die cut (
Flourish above door- Gypsy Wanderings
**Used Gypsy to rotate image 45 degrees and to alter the height and width

Window boxes- made by hand

Additional information:
Used patterned paper to mimic iron window grates on upper level.
Used Scor-Pal to score building.
Cut freehand display window and entry door out and replaced with transparency sheet. Entry door does open and close.
Used a photo to mimic interior decor.
Used Divine Swirl Cuttlebug embossing folder for building awning.
Used Tim Holtz hitch fastener for entry doorknob.
Used Tim Holtz Distress Stickles to embellish flower centers.

Le Scrap
Building- My Community Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Storefront lettering- Gypsy Font
**Used Gypsy to weld letters together.
Flowers in window boxes- Walk In My Garden Cricut cartridge
Window boxes- made by hand

Additional information:
Cut freehand display window and replaced with transparency sheet.
Used various photos to mimic interior decor.
Cut doors apart to make 2 separate working entry doors.
Used Tim Holtz hitch fasteners for entry doorknobs.
Used Tartan Cuttlebug embossing folder for entry doors.
Used Swiss Dots Cuttlebug embossing folder for building awning.
Used Viva Decor pearl pen to embellish flower centers.

Fleurs Shop
Building- My Community Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Storefront Lettering- Gypsy Font
**Used Gypsy to weld letters together.
Flowers in window boxes- Walk In My Garden Cricut cartridge
Window boxes- made by hand
Flourish above entry door- my apologies, I do not recall.
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.

Additional information:
Used patterned paper to mimic lace window panels on upper story
Used Score-Pal to score building.
Cut freehand display window and entry door out and replaced with transparency sheet. Entry door does open and close.
Used Tim Holtz hitch fastener for entry doorknob.
Used a photo to mimic interior decor.
Used Daisies embossing folder for building awning.
Used Tim Holtz Distress Stickles to embellish flower centers.


Lady with green dress
Lady- Forever Young Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Hat with Band- Forever Young Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Purse- Forever Young Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Hand- Forever Young Cricut Cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.

Additional information:
Cut posed arm off and reattached to simulate curved arm to enable lady to carry purse.
Cut out glove in skintone paper and used to construct a hand, adhered to
Applied Stampin Up Chalk to skin for additional skin tone coloration.
Used Oriental Weave Cuttlebug embossing folder for purse and embellished with ribbon tied into a bow.

Lady with pink dress
Lady- Forever Young Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Hat with Band- Forever Young Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Purse- Forever Young Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Hand- Forever Young Cricut Cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.

Additional information:
Cut posed arm off and reattached to simulate curved arm to enable lady to carry purse.
Cut out glove in skintone paper and used to construct a hand, adhered to arm.
Applied Stampin Up Chalk to skin for additional skin tone coloration.
Used Divine Swirl Cuttlebug embossing folder for purse.
Embellished purse with Stampin Up bitty button colored with Worn Lipstick
Distress Ink reinker and topped with a rhinestone in center of button.

Background trees- Heritage Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.
Front shrub border- Heritage Cricut cartridge
**Used Gypsy to alter height and width ratio.

Additional information:
Background interior trees are the 2 wide tree cuts and their canopies were welded together.
Background outer edge trees are the narrow tree cut on the cartridge.
Front shrub border is actually a combination of the wide and narrow tree cut canopies welded together and the height and width ratio altered to mimic a shrub border.
Shrub border embossed with Damask Tim Holtz (Sizzix) embossing folder and highlighted with Peeled Paint Tim Holtz Distress Ink.

Used patterned paper to mimic sky and to simulate brick/cobblestone walkway.
Entire design adhered to an 18 X 24 Artist Canvas with 3M Super 77 Multipurpose adhesive.
Used pop dots for added dimension for ladies, tables, table top flowerpots, and shrub border.

June 10, 2010

KISS (Keep it Sweet n Simple) Heritage Layout

Happy Thursday, Friends!! This is my first Thursday Treats Blog post. I'm Nicole, aka NicoleSmith, from the MB. :) This is only my second Guest Designer spot so please bear with me if it's not too exciting. I am currently working on a Heritage album of old family photos so I'm right on track with this month's cartridge!! Anyone who follows my blog will know that my style is very KISS - Keep it Sweet n Simple! I do very detailed layouts maybe only one out of five of my layouts.

I found this photo of my Grandmother when she was about 9 years old. I thought that this photo would go perfectly with the bicycle on the Heritage cart.

So, the cuts I used on this layout are:

Bicycle on page 63 - bicycle and shadow
cut at 5.56" by 3.5"
Accent on page 62 - corner decorations with shadow
cut at 2.22" by 2"
Frame on page 31 - bookplate and shadow with name and date
cut at 3.27" by 1"
Charm on page 52 - frame and shadow for the photo
cut at 4.9" by 7.6"

I started with my background base color and cut a 1 inch boarder from the inside of the 12 X12 sheet of cardstock. I'm cheap like that and want to save the paper for another project. :) Then, I cut the patterned paper at 11 X 11. That will leave a 1/2" boarder around the layout.

The first item I worked on was the bicycle. I cut it out and put the bicycle together with the shadow. Before adhering them, I added a small white Prima flower with a yellow brad to the basket. I used Flower Soft to create a flower bouquet for the basket of the bicycle. I used colored toothpicks for the stem of the flowers and put some Tacky Glue on the ends then rolled that in the Flower Soft to create the flowers. I made about 5 of them and put them in the basket of the bike. I then finished adhering the bicycle to the shadow. You can see how the blue top part of the bicycle puckers out a bit from the shadow to leave room for the bouquet.

My next step was the frames for the photo and nameplate. I cut all four pieces and used Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint in Tarnished Brass on the top layer of the frames. I love the finish this paint gives to the project. In case you can't get it from the name of the paint, you get a very cool antiqued crackle design to the finish of the paint after it's dried. It's a perfect effect for Heritage projects. You simply paint the surface of the frame and wait for it to dry. :) The thicker the layer of paint, the deeper the crackle finish.

Next, layer the corner accents top and shadow and adhere to the layout about 1/2" from the corner of the patterned paper.

About 4" from the left side of the layout run a coordinating piece of ribbon from the top to the bottom of the layout. I used the Bow-Easy bow maker to tie a bow to adhere to the top 1/3 of the ribbon. Somewhere I read that scrapbooking layouts should be designed in thirds. Don't remember where I read that, but it works for me :)

I always try to use my handwriting on my layouts. I think it adds a personal touch even though I really don't like my handwriting. So, I wrote my grandmother's name, the date of the photo and how old she was on the small bookplate frame.

And...... here is the finished layout. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my first Tuesday Treats post. I hope everyone enjoyed my project using the Heritage Cartridge. Please let me know what you think! I love reading your comments. Stop by my blog if you're in the area :)

June 3, 2010

Hexagon Box With Sass!

Hello, this is Sheila aka SassyLady from ShesASassyLady and I would like to present this wonderful project just perfect for gifting. I guarantee you will want to make this little box over and over again. What a wonderful way to present a gift. My thanks to our very own MyaMagoo for this design at Design~Create~Inspire. My employer scheduled me with no days off for this week and last other than Sunday. This left me with many projects to complete and not enough time...  I emailed, asked, and Crystal came to the rescue with her very own Hexagon Box. And it cut perfectly! All you need to cut this design is GW, PS and AE. I used Heritage for the Cameo for my design and Forever Young for the hat which I used as a gift tag. This gives it a look of a ladies hat box.
This is the design and I have touched the preview button so you can see how it is actually going to cut while allowing you to see the complete design. (Note: if you download this file just be sure to delete the cart letters on the top left or they will  cut too.) I knew by looking at the design this would cut perfectly so I didn't even try a test cut!
All I did was add a Cameo and the Hat and it was ready to cut... I didn't even save that as I figured what ever the occasion, whom ever the receiver the art or decorations will change for that person.
Aren't these papers yummy? Hobby Lobby has wonderful designer paper for $1.99 per sheet that is just awesome.... be sure to buy when on sale or you have a coupon.
This is a very important step in this project... scoring. You really need to take the time to score properly for this design to come together perfectly. After you score be sure to fold and crease the edge as shown so it comes together with clean crisp edges.
See how every side edge is folded and ready.
Then I did the Hexagon. Take it slow and concentrarte. There are no score lines as you really don't need them. Just score from edge to edge on each flap, as shown below.
Now I used a heavy glitter paper so I recommend Zip Dry Glue for that, your ATG tape will not hold on glitter paper... I tried, it will not hold.
Do the same process for your lid but before glueing together be sure to add any decorations on the lid while you can still lie it flat. Then place glue on the edges and bring up the sides. Because my top was mainly paper I put it together first and let it dry. Then after I put the bottom together I placed the lid on it to hold in place while it dried. Make sure you don't have any excess glue from the bottom touching the lid though or you will not be able to get them apart.
I used the Zip Dry to adhere the cameo to the lid?
It looks so pretty and feminine.
See how nicely it fits together.
I made the tag from the Forever Young cart, 2 pieces glued together with a little feather in between.
And of course the little hat will fit nicely in the box. I cut it from the scrap edges while cutting the box base.
Added a little flower and it was good to go.
Don't you just love this little box? So easy, less than 5 minutes to cut and only about a 30 to 45 minutes to put together.
I want to thank Crystal aka MyaMagoo at Design~Create~Inspire for rescuing me and allowing me to share with all our Tuesday Treats and ShesASassyLady followers the opportunity to not only see for the first time this awesome box but to actually have a copy of this Magoo Hexagon Box Gypsy File!!! You are awesome MyaMagoo and I feel privledged to have presented one of your designs. Thank you for that opportunity! Registered & Protected
I am always encouraged by your sweet - sweet words. Your comments inspire me to keep scrapping and sharing things with you and that goes for both Crystal and myself!