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May 6, 2010

Forever Young Purse With A Little Sass

Well hello everyone, its Sheila from Shes A Sassy Lady, are you ready for a night out.... Well this little purse is just perfect for holding a gift card or two or three for a night out on the town!!! And so easy to make everyone will want to give this rather than a plain old cart holder.
As you can see it looks elegant be it in the day light or evening.
I chose papers from HL's (Hobby Lobby) specialty papers.... I always stock up when they are on sale. Be be prepared as they are hard to cut and hard to glue on. It takes 6 cuts on a #6 to do the job. When you are done pull off the blade housing and clean it out so your blade will cut properly next time you use it.
Here is how it looks on my Gypsy I didn't alter anything with the design but I did add the little rectangle so the bottom of the box would be covered too as it really has a nicer or more completed look. I think I used George or Gypsy Wanderings for that.
I used the accrylic from the cart box to make the sunglasses.
This glitter paper is almost impossible to get something to adhere to it. I find this Zip Dry works the best yet even with the Zip Dry be very generous with the glue.
The first thing I did after cutting was score the purse.
After scoring I adhered the outer laver of my purse.
I really want you to see how heavy I put the glue on becasue it really is a mess to try to reglue later.
After I glued the pieces on I used a crystal candle holder for the weight and let it sit for 10 minutes as I wanted it good and dty.
Then I put my inside pieces together as shown and applied glue to it and drew up the side to it and held while it dried... I did that while I was on the phone...
Then I added my beading and viola, it is done! How easy is that? And doesn't it look cute?
I think the sunglasses give it a finished look! Registered & Protected
I hope you liked today's little project from the Forever Young Cart. This is one little purse that I will make over and over and I hope you do too. I did not offer a cut file as I did not alter the file at all it is button 35.



Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

It's a sassy purse for sure!!Great job. Love the blings.. And the glasses - A cool touch!! =D>

Jodie R said...

The paper is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you covered up the word on the outside! Great job Sheila!

You know, I always make the mistake of checking this blog in the am and then I have to sit at work all day and want to play! I just can't help it. Every time is truely a treat! Thank you for all your hard work, Pam!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I love it. I was just wondering where you added the little rectangle at to make it look more completed? I loved the paper you used. Too cute.

Lisa said...

Well, now isn't that beautiful. I wouldn't mind being seen on the town with that purse on my arm. The glasses are so cute too.

Granny said...

This purse is just beautiful! I Can you see the face of some lucky lady getting this with a gift card in it. Hint-Hint.

flowerdisco said... sassy lady...this is a sassy purse. the pp is gorgeous too. love it. tfs!

Dakota Bear said...

This is so cute, every woman needs one of these bags.

love2create said...

Love FY and love all those purses, but I have to say, the paper you chose is what gave it all the sass! Great job!

imafarmgirl said...

Bravo! BEAUTIFUL. You did a wonderful job and anyone who gets this has a treasure.