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August 31, 2010

Life is a Beach....Seriously?!?!??!?

Hi Everyone!! Myamagoo here after a very long have you all been?!?!?
I'm so glad Pam let me come back after being away for so long.
My goodness!! After seeing all the fabulous work from all of our designers I'm not sure I'm even needed anymore (this is meant as a compliment-the projects have just been simply outstanding!!).

My Task if I chose to accept it - is LIAB aka: Life is a Beach. I recall all the hoopla over this stinkin' cart and missing images...yada yada....I bought the cart....AND NEVER EVER USED IT! Gasp! This is the very first time I've made something with this I'm super happy today about that!

You all know I'm mainly card based...rarely try anything outside of the card from moi!      (I saw that yawn! hey!)

p.s. my camera battery died, had to use hubby's camera....I hate this little point and shoot thing....sorry the pics aren't as clear and sharp as the could be :(

I used 3 beautiful flowers from this cart....I circled in yellow the layers I used as well.

For the layers (the inside parts of the flower) I used Hide Contour function on Gypsy so I could cut out the insides using different patterned paper and placed it in different areas on my Gypsy Mat.

This is a Photo of the base of the card cut out on my mat...I GROUPED the 3 flowers together...and then added a rectangle - grouped it to the flower group. Then I pushed my weld button and VOILA!

Then I got out my MS score board and GENTLY scored the small areas that attach to the base so they fold easily.

Once I had all my flowers cut out, I tried Dry Fitting them to see how I wanted it to look. I ended up liking having the center flower be the focal point. Then as you can see I picked out some matching glitter - BRING ON THE BLING!!

The all time easiest and BEST way to put glitter on your cuts is to use a xyron machine.  I have the little X one and this larger guy.  I forgot I had the smaller one and remembered only after I had started running my cuts through! argh :)  Once you have run it through, rub your fingers over it to adhere the glue a little bit more.  Then peel off the back and you are left with a very sticky cut.  Grab your Glitter and Pour!

After I pour the glitter all over, I get a clean piece of paper and gently push down on top of my cut while all the glitter is still on. This pushes the glitter onto the paper without getting it all over your fingers. Then you can just bang your shape on the table and it's just so pretty!!!

The rest of the glitter cuts (the flower stems) all finished.

Don't forget to ink the edges of the rest of your flowers :)

Seeing as I wanted the center flower to be the focal point, I thought I should use pop dots and get some dimension going on.

Random photo of my newest and most favorite craft tool!! Cuts like butter and straight as an arrow EVERY TIME!!! I'm in Love! :) :)


And Now for the card all finished ~ I really hope you like it!

forgot to show you all what it looks like open....and I haven't the faintest idea of what I should put on the inside! :)

So great to be back here at Tuesday Treats!!!
See you all Next Month!!


oh! I used American Crafts Paper (Let's Play) cuts so amazing! 
File will be available for download on my blog when I get home from work G is officially out of juice and happily charging away right now :)


Ohhh Snap said...

Love the card! That's some serious bling :D. I love all the dimension. Suggestion for the sentiment "If friendship was a flower, I'd pick you"? I'm not fully caffinated yet, so if something else bubbles to the surface, I'll let you know :D.

Welcome back!!! We've missed you :D.

Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

Love your card!! We missed you crazy. And what do you mean Pam allowed you back. You are backbone of TuesdayTreats. You had a much deserved summer break. And ohhhsnap love that sentiment.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Love - Love - Love this beautiful card with all the bling!!! WE MISSED YOU! So glad you are back and designing again! I agree Ohhhsnap's sentiment is perfect for this marvelous card.

Paper Addict said...

Your card is beautiful....Glad you are back, and we will always need you and your creative friends. You ladies are the glue that holds all together...hugs, Ronnie

joeygirl86 said...

This is really pretty! Thanks for sharing! :)

Java Jen's Creations said...

We did miss you!! So glad you're back - and with such a great project!! I've heard several people say to use the Xyron to apply glitter so I'm gonna have to try it!! Thanks for sharing with us today!! Don't be a stranger!! :-)

Milamemories said...

This is so pretty!! Love all the glitter.



217 Creations said...

LOVE IT! Glad you are back!