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July 7, 2010

Heritage Charms

Hi everyone, Lori (the Cricut Lady) here. I was assigned Heritage. Honestly, I would say this is my least favorite cartridge. But this just proves you can use all of your cartridges for something.
I made charms. Wine charms, gypsy stylus charms, book marker charms, bracelet charms. You name it there are really alot of uses for charms.
The Steps:
1) Select you design. I used the silhouettes because I thought the would be good for wine charms.

2) Place your shrinky dink material rough side down on your mat.

3) cut your design. Make sure to use multi cut as it is a thicker material 2 works 3 is better

4) punch a hole larger than you would like your final hole as it will shrink with the plastic

5) Draw a design or write a name on the rough side of the shape (Names need to be written backwards)

6) On a Baking sheet place a piece of aluminum foil

7)with a Popsicle stick (yes, these things can be used for anything) I held down a tiny corner and heated with my heat gun (embossing heat gun)

8) Kinda press down while still hot if it is not completely flat

9) Put a jump ring or a split ring into the hole and run ribbon, wire, twine etc.. through the jump ring.

10) place the piece around your favorite stemmed glass (This is the only stemmed glass in my house, but it is so cute. I love it

11) enjoy your work.

Hope you come up with some uses for this.
Keep creating!!


Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

Love it. I love quick projects and I love shrinky dinks. Will have to take that out now.

Lori Apgar said...

What cute charms!! Love the stemware :p

217 Creations said...

Great tips!!

flowerdisco said...

what a great idea!

gotta try those shrinky things!

love2create said...

Great idea! So many carts have charms, but I rarely use them. And love your stemware!

Jodie R said...

What a neat idea! So cute, too! Great tutorial!