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Welcome to Tuesday Treats. Hope you have a pleasant journey browsing and getting inspired by the projects you find here. We appreciate and treasure your comments so please leave us some blog love and comments. But before you start your journey here just a small note . Do please read and then you can continue on. Copyright: This blog has a many designers showcasing their projects. Please look up their individual site to check their copyrights for any infringements. My files & projects are also all copyrighted. They can be used as inspiration and for personal gifts only but cannot be used in classes, in magazines or for contests. Please look in the side bar for more details on the copyright. Disclaimer: The designer's designs belong to them and them only & not to TuesdayTreat and The TuesdayTreats will not be responsible or liable in any way for any results or consequences from those designs.


testing for videos


Anonymous said...

Your box video was wonderful, I learned so much about my gypsy and don't fear it so much. Your video showed me that it is okay to make mistakes, and that your project is your own personal design. I loved it and thank you so much

Anonymous said...

the easter box is a wonderful Ideal for me I have so many grandkids I could not think of an ideal that would be ageless for each one of them.=D> you have a new fan